Sexologist Turns Techno Beats into Sex Toy Pleasure Pulses


Erotic project mixes throbbing tunes with wild orgasms.


We all love to get our groove on: to crank it up to 11 and let the music take us away!

But sexologist Cathline Smoos and sex tech hacker Aurélien Fache weren’t satisfied with just dancing to their favorite techno beats. That’s why they created In Bed With Laurent Garnier: a project that took throbbing tunage and, via a bit of sex tech, turned the beats to erotic pleasure.

Rock on and get off!

Named after the popular French DJ and music producer, In Bed With Laurent Garnier could best be described as a sexually interactive music system.

In a press release, Smoos and Fache explained their inspiration for the project:

The electronic and techno scene is a place of expression of the body, emotions, a space of freedom, where pleasure can be expressed. We use our sextoy to be one with the music, to make love to this musical art, to vibrate entirely to the rhythm of the Djsets.

Using some playful programming, the duo were able to connect Smoos, using an unnamed sex toy, to the beats of the performers during the Nuits Sonores techno music festival held in Lyon, France, in May. The beats were translated into pulsations by the sex toy.

From the folks who brought us PussyTalk

If Cathline Smoos and Aurélien Fache sound familiar, they also recently brought us the delightfully playful : a project that was also about connectivity and sex tech. With PussyTalk, however, the project translated into stimulating vibrations.

As with PussyTalk, In Bed With Laurent Garnier was built as a fun experiment rather than as a serious commercial project.

The same press release about Laurent Garnier put it beautifully:

It is simply a pleasure for us, that of simply restoring sexuality to its lightness by exploring various ways of playing.

Explorers of possibilities

This delightful sense of fun also runs throughout another of their projects.  For example, In Bed With Thomas Pesquet celebrated the French astronaut by sending signals to selected sex toys in his native country each time he passed over in the International Space Station.

Speaking to, Cathline Smoos her philosophy towards sex, technology, and expanding erotic horizons:

Most people are afraid to make love with robots but they make love like robots. They are very conditioned, with preconceived ideas about sexuality and sex toys. I want to show them that we can do a lot of things in this area.

Aurélien echoed this, adding his own enthusiasm for sexual exploration:

“he idea is to explore other forms of sensuality, to go beyond the limits of the human body. We still have plenty of projects in mind. For example the idea of ​​making love with humanity through virtual reality. We can also create new imaginations, new forms of sexuality where everything is possible.

As for In Bed With Laurent Garnier, Smoos told in another article that the festival was an erotic hit, with the most stimulating performance for her being “It makes you forget” by Peggy Gou, “Kadodi” by Nihiloxica, and “PP in store session # 82” by Zaltan Antinote.

Let’s play!

As sex tech development and innovation continues to grow, with more and more companies realizing how profitable combining erotic pleasure with advanced technology, the work of Smoos and Aurélien is a bright pink beam of sexual delight: a pair of merry pranksters that continue to provide us with a something we should never, ever forget.

That sex, and especially sex with technology, should be fun!




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