Domi Review: Lovense’s Mini Wand Is a Powerhouse We Love


The Bluetooth sex toy impresses with its sleek design and strength.


I like external play devices, which I’ve said before in my review of Vibease’s Esthesia vibrator.

Wand devices, in particular, are appealing since they often offer strong and rumbly vibrations.

This association is largely thanks to the celebrated Magic Wand (formerly called the Hitachi Magic Wand) that operates while plugged into a power outlet—although a cordless option is now available. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of adult cinema, you’ve likely seen the wand in action at some point.

I’m a wand lover and a previous owner of the aforementioned Magic Wand. So I was delighted when the generous folks at (Note: This article contains affiliate links, meaning Future of Sex may receive a small commission if you buy a Lovense product.)

Great quality and custom play options

The Domi mini wand from Lovense is a high-quality product made of ABS plastic and silicone that weighs under 300g and is water-resistant. It measures 9.2-inches long and is 1.83 inches at its widest point. That’s about 3 inches shorter and 1 inch slimmer than Hitachi’s Magic Wand.

Domi comes with a reinforced neck, so it can withstand arduous use during the 130 minutes it can remain powered. Recharging it to full power takes 1.5 hours.

The mini wand itself has 7 preset vibration patterns. However, by connecting it to the Lovense Remote app, users can create custom and preprogrammed patterns as well as play around with higher and lower intensity levels.

You can even set an alarm through the app. Just pick a time for your Domi to start rumbling and it can, perhaps, be used as a fun way to wake you up from a nap. (Granted you don’t move too much as you sleep while the device is placed near you).

Lastly, there are also options to have the Domi vibrate along to music or live sounds, such as someone’s voice or any other noise in your environment.

Accessible and gender-neutral design

If you have limited hand dexterity, the Domi handle has grooves that allow for easier gripping.

In fact,

Lovense provided me with the soft silicone female attachment as well as its water-based lube ($15). Together. they work well to create a pleasurable experience.

Yet note the female Domi attachment isn’t just a G-spot stimulator. Twist its head around, and it offers texture for more external play options, including a brush-like end for clitoral stimulation and a different molded side intended for vulva massage.

Long-distance play and camming

Since Lovense holds the patent for tip-controlled sex toys, it’s no surprise that Domi is a great device for long-distance fun. Cam models often use Lovense sex toys during their live shows, which will vibrate in response to viewer tips.

But long-distance couples can also enjoy all that Domi has to offer.

A lovely feature is a light ring located just below the wand’s neck. It lights up as it vibrates, adding a nice visual effect if you are viewing your partner using the device over webcam. Find the flashing annoying? There’s also the option to turn it off.

Testing out the Lovense Remote, it was simple and easy for me to pair my Domi as well as enable its long-distance control features.

Final thoughts

The Domi mini wand is certainly powerful. Considering it is cordless and offers strong and rumbly vibrations, the $200 price tag seems reasonable if you have the money to spend and know you enjoy strong wands.

Remember, I used to own the Magic Wand that stayed plugged into a power outlet when in use.

Domi is, however, a little noisy, which is often an unavoidable tradeoff when it comes to having a higher-powered sex toy. If you have roommates and want to be discreet, I’d recommend playing under the covers and with some music playing in your room.

I’d recommend this device to folks who enjoy strong external play devices. For people who may experience genital numbness, wands can also help “wake up” the area due to how the rumbly vibes can be felt deeper in the body.

High-powered wands can also be fun to use over your clothes if you find their strength too intense.

The customization options are almost limitless with the app, making the Lovense< product a great way to experiment during both solo or partnered play.  



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